Kathrin Köster

Kathrin Köstner’s piece Velum envelopes both the familiar and the alien at the same time. Creating a rotation path in the gallery, Köster’s 7 meter long piece nests 6 figures that approximate empty cocoons. The semi-controlled movement of the ink of renaissance colors results in patterns resembling fabrics on paper. They lead the viewer in a semi-known familiarity: in the drawings, the patterns silently indicate the innate knowledge of the existence of six bodies – bodies that have probably left their cocoons oscillating between polarities of knowing and unknowing. The visitor is encouraged to follow the physical structure of the work that almost wraps the visitors themselves. Using the venue’s limited espace Köstner’s work calls for a close encounter with the body of the spectator. This encounter drums up the tension of the visitor walking around the sturdy paper work, which is at the same time an extremely fragile object.
by Ece Pazarbasi

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